Pocket Science Projects
...because there's nothing more dangerous than a software engineer with a soldering iron...

I've been playing with microcontrollers for the last year or so, mostly with Arduino-based gear because, well, it's easy to get setup and running. The Arduino boards are a good prototyping platform, but they are bulky for actual projects, so I've either been rolling my own boards or using smaller variants like Ardweeny and Picoduino.

With many (many!) years of C/C++ programming under my belt the Arduino language environment was very simple to get up to speed with. It's basically a thin veneer over the top of avr-gcc, with a bunch of libraries to make interfacing with hardware simple.

Robot Beginnings of a self-aware robot that can wander around and avoid objects.
Dad's Weather Station A little stand-alone weather station I built for Dad for Xmas 2010.
Twitter-based Home Automation Using Twitter as a remote control for home automation - well a proof of concept anyway.
Pachube Weather Station A internet-enabled weather station that uploads data to Pachube.
Satellite Notifier Project to track satellites and notify me when they are overhead and visible
Parachute A port of the classic Nintendo Game&Watch Parachute game to an Arduino-based controller displaying output on a TV. Written from scratch.
Etching Custom PCB's I took the plunge and decided to have a go at producing my own PCB. Not as hard as I had imagined.
Etch-a-Duino My second project involving a custom PCB - an Etch-a-Sketch that uses a TV for the display!
TrashTimer A simple timer project using the ATtiny85 with the PCB produced by Fritzing Fab

I'm no longer selling or supporting my Palm OS products, however if you have a question I'll be happy to answer it.